LOOPPLUS & Corporate Climate Actions

The LOOPPLUS BEST Way towards Net Zero

Boundary Setting with Flexibility

An appropriate inventory boundary should reflect the substance and economic reality of the company’s business relationships, not merely its legal form.  All relevant emissions sources within the chosen inventory boundary need to be accounted for so that a comprehensive and meaningful inventory is compiled.

WWF works with companies to identify their environmental impact, prioritize resources, and implement mitigation and adaptation actions in the chosen organizational and operational boundary.


Establish the Baseline

A baseline is the starting point to understand and measure existing position of operation, through a set of critical observations or data used for meaningful and consistent comparisons. It will be used to evaluate the effects of a change or track the progress of improvement resulting from corporate climate actions.

Setting Near- & Long-term Target

To achieve long-term ambitious targets, such as Net Zero, it is crucial to set multiple time-bound targets in the near-term and create roadmap milestones to track progress over time.

Take Bolder Climate Actions


"We are the last generation that can fight climate change.
We have a duty to act."
– Ban Ki-moon, Former United Nations Secretary-General


Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced, but we can do something about it. The government, business, academic and civil society can all be part of the solution and together build a thriving future for people and nature. How we’re tackling climate change:

  1. Achieving Net Zero Carbon with 7 Spheres of Actions
    Real life examples of what HKBN, Kai Shing Management Services - Landmark North and MC5, Lidl, Otto, Sa Sa have done to start their Net Zero journey.

    WWF is here to help you devise your net zero strategic plan as a response and contribute to realizing the local government’s Climate Action Plan 2050 and the national plan for path to peaking carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060.
  2. Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Business
    The pilot at Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin demonstrates how different ESG KPIs – energy usage, water consumption, carbon emission, waste management, natural resources use, employee training and development, suppliers and customers engagement – can be improved through LOOPPLUS 4Cs and carbon management platform.

    Companies integrating sustainability into everyday business will be more appealing to ESG investing and sustainability-oriented Millennials and Generation Z employees or consumers.
  3. Limiting Global Warming to 1.5C
    Kingfisher Asia Limited reduces GHG emissions of office operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. (See details in the tour to their office in Hong Kong). The sustainability team works with business partners in supplying Sustainable Home Products that help to lower environmental impact. These local actions, enabled by LOOP and LCMP, contribute to the ambitious 1.5C SBTi commitment made by the headquarter.

    If you are one of the subsidiary offices reporting local carbon footprint to headquarters, or in the sourcing function trying to decarbonize your supply chains, you should by now learn how LOOPPLUS and LCMP help you effectively manage carbon performance and support the delivery of corporate climate goals.
  4. Investing in Nature-based Solutions
    The challenges of global warming and nature loss are linked – but so are their solutions. WWF supports the implementation of nature-based solutions (NbS) for people and nature. NbS address multiple challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss, disaster risk, water and food security, human health and socio-economic development. Globally, HSBC is partnering with WWF to bring emerging climate solutions to commercial viability and scale. One of these global projects - Powering Our Wetlands is already underway here in Hong Kong. Learn more about this innovative project by checking this introductory document.

Contact us if you like to develop initiatives that harness nature-based solutions in countries around the world and emphasize the benefits of protecting and restoring nature to businesses, communities, cities and governments.

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