Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap Videos

26 Jun, 2017

Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap Videos

The commercial sector is the largest energy user in Hong Kong, so companies in Hong Kong act as an important role in reducing carbon footprint.  In order to encourage companies to start their “net zero journeys”, seven promotional videos were prepared to demonstrate how to “Achieve Net Zero Carbon with 7 spheres of action”. Many companies did very well in carbon reduction and it would be appreciated if they continue their journeys and reach "Net-Zero Carbon"!


7 spheres of actions of achieving Net-Zero Carbon:


Nurturing a sustainability mind-set


Encouraging low-carbon habits


Talking about management policy and carbon reduction goals


Zooming in on energy efficiency investment


Exploiting opportunities for refurbishment, retrofitting and renovation


Reaching out to communities and stakeholders


Offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with renewable energy projects


Please share the Net-Zero Carbon message with your colleagues, peers, and friends!

We are not only promoting the concept to corporate sector but also spreading the message to the public and encourage them to take action as well. Therefore, we divide the videos into 7 small videos and post each of them on our Facebook Page. Please stay tuned and check out the latest video, Office Green Check!