LOOPPLUS is an upgraded programme of LOOP aiming to facilitate companies to collect and report on key performance indicators (KPI) in the environmental subject area and to set a timeframe for emission reduction with a world-recognised standard. 4Cs (Commit, Calculate, Cut and Communicate) concept is at the core of LOOP, and the same hold for LOOPPLUS. The idea is a circular loop to help corporates continuously review and improve their performance.

Further to 4Cs, SMART serves as a cross-cutting framework for corporates to monitor their performance is on track to their desired target.

  • Setting organisational and operational boundaries, and stakeholder engagement
  • Materiality assessmnet and data monitoring
  • Analysing impacts on resources utilisation or supply chains
  • Reporting on environmental policies and KPIs
  • Target Setting and performance benchmarks

Once every two years, participating corporates have to conduct an assessment on carbon performance covering the agreed boundary and their sustainability aspects. With this process, corporates can establish the baseline, understand their current position, status, and gain insights into transferrable best practices.

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As part of the international network, WWF-Hong Kong possesses expertise in corporate sustainability, climate change, Net Zero and science-based targets (SBT), Nature-based Solutions (NbS), and works with companies to assess their environmental impact and build a strategic plan to reduce that impact in a way that will advance conservation, community and the company’s business objectives. Please contact us if you are ready to take bold actions to future-proof your business and safeguard the planet.